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Canvas Boat Covers OKC


Boat Marine Canvas offers the finest protection for your boat with our canvas boat covers and enhances its aesthetics with our upholstery, Bimini tops, and SeaDek installation services. We understand your passion for boating and are here to safeguard your precious vessel with our top-quality boat canvas covers and custom upholstery services.

Boat Canvas Covers, Upholstery, and More- Our Services

Best boat covers in OKC

When it comes to safeguarding your boat from the unpredictable Oklahoma weather, our custom boat covers are your vessel's best friend. We are Oklahoma custom canvas specialists and offer a myriad of boat canvas covers designed to fit your boat like a glove. We ensure that every inch of your boat is shielded from harsh UV rays, heavy rain, and even snow.

Custom boat upholstery in OKC for interiors and exteriors

Improve your boat's aesthetics and comfort with our custom boat upholstery for your vessel’s exterior and interior. We create luxurious, customized, and comfortable spaces and turn your boat into a second home. Our exterior upholstery services transform the look of your boat while ensuring durability and to withstand Oklahoma's ever-changing weather.

Bimini tops

Beat the heat and protect yourself from the sun with our high-quality Bimini tops. Keep your crew cool and comfortable during long days on the water.


Improve your boat's aesthetics and comfort with our high-quality marine-grade carpeting. It is not only durable but also easy to maintain.

SeaDek Installation

 Enjoy a safer and more comfortable boating experience with SeaDek non-skid pads. We provide professional SeaDek installations that offer both safety and style.

Order Your Custom Canvas Boat Covers Today

Choose Boat Marine Canvas for your boat cover, upholstery, or carpeting, and your boat will thank you. We can help protect and enhance your boating experience. Place your order on our website today, or contact us for discussing your boat canvas project!

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Boat Cover Videos


Pontoon Bimini Boot

Customer for Years

Custom Cover/Snap In Carpet

Snap On Cover

Pontoon Double Bimini Tops

About Our Business

Over 27 Years Experience

Mike Boatman has become well-known for his Custom Boat Covers, Bimini Tops and Flooring over the past 27+ years.        

Dwight Miller is hands down the best boat interior fabricator in the country. They are dedicated canvas technicians with a genuine desire to make sure that your experience is easy, convenient, and satisfying.

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Snap Covers Weather the Storm

Cockpit covers shed rain like a champ. Using Sunbrella 10 year warranty material, with an internal support pole, makes for an excellent cover to protect your interior.

Trailering Cover 70+ mph

We reinforce our boat covers over any possible problem areas like windshields, cleats, bimini top brackets, etc... With added support poles and vents our covers make for first class trailering.

Covers That Don't Hold Water

Have you ever had a boat cover that held water? Not with our covers...water sheds easily. You can leave your water bucket at home.

Contact Us

  • How long do AquaMat® boat carpets typically last?
    AquaMat® snap-in boat carpets, when well-maintained, can last over 20 years. Regular cleaning and proper care add more years to the total lifespan.
  • How do you install snap-in boat carpets on my vessel?
    Our skilled and trained team is equipped with all the tools and equipment to install marine carpets in your vessels. ● Our installation process begins with precise measurements of the designated carpeted areas. ● Each carpet is meticulously cut to ensure an exact fit. ● The installation is secured using high-quality snap-in fasteners or adhesives. ● Our team makes minor adjustments to guarantee a polished and finished appearance.
  • Are snap-in boat carpets suitable for all areas of my boat?
    Yes, AquaMat® snap-in boat carpets are versatile and can be installed in various areas such as the cockpit, bow seating, deck, interior cabin, and swim platform. We also have customization for tailored fitting.
  • What if the marine carpet tears off just after the installation?
    Please contact us at (405) 628-7844 immediately. Our team will assess the situation and fix the installation without any delay. We use marine-grade adhesive or seam sealer to temporarily close the tear and prevent it from worsening. If the damage is irreparable, we will provide prompt snap-in boat carpet replacement without charging anything.
  • What Sets Boatman Marine Canvas Apart?
    Boatman Marine Canvas is not just a service; it's a commitment to excellence in marine canvas craftsmanship.
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