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Bass Boat Covers

Custom Bass Boat Covers: Tailored Protection for Your Watercraft

When it comes to safeguarding your prized bass boat, nothing beats the precision and quality of Boatman Marine Canvas. With more than 27 years of experience, we take great satisfaction in providing bespoke bass boat covers that are exquisite pieces of workmanship, as well as protective shields.

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Bass Boat Covers: Unmatched Precision and Protection

Tailored Fit for Your Boat:


Our bass boat covers are meticulously crafted for a snug and exact fit, ensuring that every contour of your boat is shielded from the elements. Don't settle for less — have a cover made especially for your bass boat.

Aqualon Edge - Unparalleled Material:

Experience the durability and reliability of Aqualon Edge, a premium material with a 7-year warranty. This premium fabric is designed to withstand moisture, ultraviolet light, and the rigors of outdoor use, guaranteeing the longevity of your personalized bass boat cover.

Reinforced for Trailering Excellence:

 Trailering your bass boat at 70+ mph? Over possible stress areas like windshields, cleats, and bimini top brackets, our coverings are deliberately strengthened. Our coverings are exceptional at offering top-notch protection when trailering since they include extra support poles and ventilation.

Say Goodbye to Water Woes:

 Ever dealt with a boat cover that collects water? Our coverings are made to shed water easily. Your bass boat will remain dry and ready for use with Boatman Marine Canvas, so you can stop worrying about water collecting.

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Custom Bass Boat Covers and Beyond: Elevate Your Boating Experience

We at Boatman Marine Canvas recognize that your love of the sea is reflected in your bass boat. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond custom bass boat covers:

1. Custom Bass Boat Interiors and Exterior Upholstery:

 Transform the look and feel of your boat with our expert upholstery services. We make sure your yacht is the epitome of comfort and luxury, from seating configurations to overall interior design.

2. Precision Bimini Tops for Ultimate Sun Protection:

Use our bespoke Bimini tops to shield yourself from the sun's beams. Our precisely crafted Bimini tops, made from premium materials, offer the ideal shade for your on-water excursions.

3. Premium Boat Flooring Solutions:

 Upgrade your boat's flooring with our range of premium options. We can improve the appearance and use of your yacht with carpet or SeaDek, depending on your preference for a more traditional look.



Choosing Boatman Marine Canvas:

1. Decades of Experience:

 Benefit from over 27 years of expertise led by Mike Boatman and Dwight Miller, dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality in every service.

2. Tailored Excellence:

We guarantee that every service, including bass boat covers, is specifically designed to fit your boat's particular requirements, thanks to our dedication to personalization.

3. Premium Materials, Premium Services:

From Aqualon Edge for covers to top-quality upholstery materials, we use premium materials to guarantee the longevity and performance of our services.

4. Free Estimates, Easy Process:

Contact us at (405) 628-7844 for free estimates. Our goal is to make your experience simple and fulfilling right away.

  • How long do AquaMat® boat carpets typically last?
    AquaMat® snap-in boat carpets, when well-maintained, can last over 20 years. Regular cleaning and proper care add more years to the total lifespan.
  • How do you install snap-in boat carpets on my vessel?
    Our skilled and trained team is equipped with all the tools and equipment to install marine carpets in your vessels. ● Our installation process begins with precise measurements of the designated carpeted areas. ● Each carpet is meticulously cut to ensure an exact fit. ● The installation is secured using high-quality snap-in fasteners or adhesives. ● Our team makes minor adjustments to guarantee a polished and finished appearance.
  • Are snap-in boat carpets suitable for all areas of my boat?
    Yes, AquaMat® snap-in boat carpets are versatile and can be installed in various areas such as the cockpit, bow seating, deck, interior cabin, and swim platform. We also have customization for tailored fitting.
  • What if the marine carpet tears off just after the installation?
    Please contact us at (405) 628-7844 immediately. Our team will assess the situation and fix the installation without any delay. We use marine-grade adhesive or seam sealer to temporarily close the tear and prevent it from worsening. If the damage is irreparable, we will provide prompt snap-in boat carpet replacement without charging anything.
  • What Sets Boatman Marine Canvas Apart?
    Boatman Marine Canvas is not just a service; it's a commitment to excellence in marine canvas craftsmanship.
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