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Custom Bimini Tops

At Boat Marine Canvas, we use the finest marine-grade materials to make custom Bimini tops for boats. Whether you need a brand-new Bimini top made from scratch or simply require fabric replacement, we have the expertise and materials to get the job done.


Sunbrella Bimini Tops- Built to last

Quality has always been a key consideration for us, be it our upholstery, boat covers, or any other offering. Sunbrella fabric is well-known for its exceptional quality and performance. It offers a ten-year limited warranty, giving you the assurance that your investment is protected for the long haul, making it our choice of material for custom Bimini tops for boats.

Choose your style- Sunbrella fabric is not just about durability; it also offers customization. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, you can select the perfect shade that you prefer for your boat.

Attention to detail- The material quality extends beyond the fabric. We pay attention to the details, ensuring that the Sunbrella boat Bimini tops are not just strong but also look great. To achieve this, we use matching Sunbrella edging, which not only enhances the aesthetics but also adds an extra layer of protection. It is after all the small touches like this that set our Bimini tops apart.

Durability- Durability is a key concern for boat Bimini tops, and we take it seriously. We use #10 zippers for all our Bimini tops. These zippers are known for their durability and reliability, ensuring your Bimini top lasts for a long time, and you enjoy shade for years to come.

Get Custom Bimini Tops at Boat Marine Canvas Today

Whether you need powerboat or sailboat Bimini tops or for any other vessel, we can make a Bimini top that fits your boat perfectly. We will work with you to design a custom Bimini top according to your requirements.

Do you have any unique requirements or special features you would like to add to your Bimini top? We are here to make it happen. Place your order for your Bimini top today, or contact us for discussing your requirements.

  • How long do AquaMat® boat carpets typically last?
    AquaMat® snap-in boat carpets, when well-maintained, can last over 20 years. Regular cleaning and proper care add more years to the total lifespan.
  • How do you install snap-in boat carpets on my vessel?
    Our skilled and trained team is equipped with all the tools and equipment to install marine carpets in your vessels. ● Our installation process begins with precise measurements of the designated carpeted areas. ● Each carpet is meticulously cut to ensure an exact fit. ● The installation is secured using high-quality snap-in fasteners or adhesives. ● Our team makes minor adjustments to guarantee a polished and finished appearance.
  • Are snap-in boat carpets suitable for all areas of my boat?
    Yes, AquaMat® snap-in boat carpets are versatile and can be installed in various areas such as the cockpit, bow seating, deck, interior cabin, and swim platform. We also have customization for tailored fitting.
  • What if the marine carpet tears off just after the installation?
    Please contact us at (405) 628-7844 immediately. Our team will assess the situation and fix the installation without any delay. We use marine-grade adhesive or seam sealer to temporarily close the tear and prevent it from worsening. If the damage is irreparable, we will provide prompt snap-in boat carpet replacement without charging anything.
  • What Sets Boatman Marine Canvas Apart?
    Boatman Marine Canvas is not just a service; it's a commitment to excellence in marine canvas craftsmanship.
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